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Apps development is a tedious and time-consuming task. To find a development company which can create beautiful, fully functional and engaging apps is very difficult mainly because there are so many companies, and so many options.

Where do you start? To start off, let me be clear that we are talking about mobile app development. Let us go through some questions and answers which will make your goals and objectives clearer and hopefully help you choose the right partner for your application development.

What are mobile apps? How was it different from my website?

There are three things we need to categorise very distinctly. First is your website, which is designed specially for the desktop. Second is your mobile website which is your website version for mobile phones; since mobile phones displays are much smaller than desktops, your mobile website should be optimised for this small screen do enable users to browse easily. Mobile websites run on the same technology as your desktop website that is HTML, CSS etc. The third one is your mobile app which is the focus of this blog post. Mobile apps are created specially to run on a particular mobile platform; for example an android app will run only on the android platform. It will not run on an iPhone. An iOS app will run on iOS operating systems by Apple which means it will run on the iPhone and the iPad but not on android devices.

mobile app development

App development for mobile operating systems in UAE

What are the advantages of a mobile app?

Mobile apps typically run on native code which means it can run faster, more efficiently, and more importantly it can access various features and functions on the phone which are not available to browser. You can access the camera, turn on bluetooth, use geolocation, access photos and contacts; the possibilities are limitless. Imagine the power in your hands on how you can apply them to get new customers and satisfy existing customers by providing the best possible user experience to them while they are on the move.

Should I go for my own mobile application?

We feel you should absolutely go for a mobile application because that is the future, and most companies are headed towards that direction both big and small. Mobile applications were very expensive to develop a few years ago, but today here very reasonable and gives high value for money. For prices starting from 5,000 Dirhams upwards you can choose from a variety of different app types according to your budget.

Are there some practical ways I can use a mobile app to help my business?

The number of ways is limitless. We can suggest a few but the imagination can run really wild.

First, you can use your mobile app as a contact point for your customers. You can put up your contact details, location map, and most important products and services on offer. This represents the basics of the app development. It is a minor presence which all companies should absolutely have at this digital age.

Advanced mobile apps can be used as a customer service tool. For example you could allow ways for users to contact and complain about your customer service. Happy users can also praise and recommend your services. Good customers could post invaluable suggestions and feedback to help you improve your business system.

Another type of app can be used to sell for you. You could put your products and services online and allow sales to happen while people are on the move. 247.

If you are a restaurant owner, you could have a restaurant app where users can browse to your menu easily in comfort, get your contact details, see your hours of operation and give feedback. You could even allow them to book an order online for delivery. Imagine the convenience it offers to users looking for food online.

You could have for your brand, where your brand details are listed, the shops where the products are available are displayed easily with location maps and directions to each one of them. The app could post notifications of new product launches, competitions and offers. All these can help improve and expand your brand image, brand recall and also drive seals directly or indirectly.

A marketing team can have their own app talking to the server, making instant decisions like bookings and alerts to help improve efficiency of the unit. Sales team can have their sales app to help know which products in stock for sales, share their location with others and communicate with team members effectively.

As you can see the possibilities are endless. Give us a call today and let’s have a chat to know more about your business and discover ways your mobile app can help give a bigger impact to your business.

Are all apps the same?

No, there are many different types of apps available. The two dominant operating system in Mobile phone today are Android and iOS. There are many other players like Blackberry, Windows, Symbian etc but their market shares are either much smaller or on the decline. It is expensive to develop different apps for all platforms and time-consuming as well, so we would suggest that you develop apps for market leaders Android and iOS only.

Why choose us for your app development in Dubai?

Our highly creative team constructs amazing apps both visually and functionally. After we meet you in Dubai or other emirates, we lay out your design requirements and use expressive logos, stunning images and designated colours that match your business and brand. We believe the first step towards app development is to have a great design and easy to use  interface; this will attract your existing customers as well as new users and will be appreciated by others in the industry as well. After that we will brainstorm different ways to improve the app functionality and usability and how to bring in more value to your users and make them more engaging. The app has to solve your main purpose, plus we will pool in ideas on how to make it better, more interactive so that your app lands on mover’s hands, gets appreciated and used by a large number of people.

Contact us today to have your app developed.

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