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Latest Update in SEO….

Guest Blogging is dead:

As you all know guest blogging is one of the most powerful methods in SEO under off-page technique. With the help of this guest blogging we can get back links to our project and also we can increase much traffic by doing this posting…

How to do guest posting is a question…??????? Here you go…
In fact there are many places for starting guest posting. Like join your local community and become a member and start the discussion, search for niche blogs and post your ideas on the others article and give your project details.

Note: Post only good information with is related to the article you have read then only your comment will be valued otherwise it’ll take as a spam so be careful while giving ideas on others article…
Guest Blogging work is the bloggers work which is same as a social networking’s like communicating with other people in the same blogosphere so that we’ll get more traffic for our blogs.

We have two ways of guest blogging….

1. Guest Blogging in our own Blog: When others writes a post for you to publish on your own blog. That blogger can usually contact you and rise to provide a guest post to you, otherwise you will contact a blogger you wish and request a guest post.

2. Guest Blogging in other’s Blog: When you write a guest post to be revealed on another blogger’s blog. Typically, you contact a blogger whose blog you relish and ask if you’ll be able to offer a guest post contribution.

But today according to Google’s Matt Cutts Guest blogging became spam if done regularly….

Google’s Matt Cutts made it clear that guest blogging for seo is dead. If you plan to use guest posts to increase the number of links to your website, you should reconsider your strategy.

If you’re guest blogging as the simplest way to achieve links in 2014, you must most likely stop. Why? Over time it’s become more and more spammy, and if you’re doing plenty of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with very dangerous company.Back in the old days, guest blogging was as powerful weapon, very similar to obtaining an in-demand, revered author to write down the introduction of your book. It’s not that approach to any extent further.

Three Things That Says Guest Blogging is not Totally Dead

1. All SEO Gets Spammers. SEO Still not Dead

2. No Difference between Guest Blogging and Any other kind of Content

3.Guest Blogging Helps For Not Only Getting Back Links

1.All SEO Gets Spammers. SEO Still not Dead

In this case we got many things which are occurred as spam but we not stopped doing these things like doing a lot of keyword targeting, image optimization, link building and so on.

If an SEO tactic works, then it will get more and more spammy with time; there is no spam-proof SEO technique. Every technique has to adapt over time with the competitive landscape and the algorithm. Likewise, marketers always need to focus on long-view quality over short-term effectiveness, regardless of the technique. But just because spammers start doing something doesn’t mean you have to stop.

2.No Difference between Guest Blogging and Any other kind of Content

Google can’t algorithmically differentiate between guest blogs and other kinds of articles. Blogs and websites aren’t legally bound to disclose that anything they publish is a guest post or not a guest post, and in some cases it’s just a matter of perspective.

Think about it – a lot of the content that appears on high-quality news sites like the New York Times, or extremely popular, high-ranking sites, like the Huffington Post or Buzzfeed, is created by freelancers. If you author a bylined article for a site that you don’t own or that doesn’t employ you full-time, is that a guest post? The categories are murky because we only think of it as “guest blogging” within the SEO industry; it’s not a term from the world of journalism. There’s no foolproof way for Google to determine the motives of any given author, whether they wrote and published something for links, exposure, money, or pure altruism.

Still, if you’re worried that Google is going to crack down on guest blogging, there are a few things you can do.

As a publisher:

I. Publish only good guest posting
II. Don’t let them know that you are a guest poster

As a Writer:

I. If you find a site that says “we’ll publish anything” reputation, stay away.Don’t do any guest posting for that sites.

II . Build good Relationship by communicating through your ideas not the links for your site.

Google has always stressed that quality, unique, user-friendly content is the key to search engine rankings. My guess is, sites that publish content that meets all those criteria won’t be penalized, whether or not some of those content pieces are “guest posts.”

3. Guest Blogging helps for not only getting back links

Most of the people use Guest Blogging for Back Links.We’ll insert some spammy links on your blog without you realizing it.’”

So again, if you’re worried: Just don’t put links in your guest posts. “So why am I guest blogging?” you ask? Links and referral traffic are two of the big incentives for guest blogging, but without those, you still get brand exposure. If you write a high quality piece of content and want to get it in front of a bigger or different audience than you have on your own site or blog, guest blogging is a way to do that. You can attach your name and your business’s name to that content, even if you don’t include any links back to your site. Or, ask the publisher to no follow link. Remember, Wikipedia links are no-follow, but can still drive a lot of valuable traffic.
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