Middle East Electricity mobile app development in 2 weeks

We are glad to announce that we have participated in the recently concluded Middle East Electricity (MEE) event held here in Dubai, UAE, albeit indirectly, through our ipad app! The project was interesting as well as exciting mainly because we had so little time to prepare for it. We had less than two weeks and we had to design, develop, test and be ready for the event live on the floor!

Before we proceed, if you don’t know what mobile app development we are taking about then please read our earlier post on Mobile App development in Dubai. There we gave a brief summary about mobile applications and the various ways you can apply to your business or organization.

Below is the list of work we had to do for this project:

  • Create a quiz that pulls  in the questions from a remote server
  • Pull 10 random questions out of a pool of 15 set questions from the server
  • Provide navigation to move to the next or previous question in the quiz
  • There is a timer which submits the answers to the remote server on time out
  • The result is displayed instantly and participants are notified if you have qualified for the lucky draw
  • Registration and login were implemented in the app so users could play instantly
  • Multiple checks had to be in place like the same user could play just once. Em
  • Admins could log into the app and select the winner for the prize
  • Admins could also log into the back end server to manage user details, set questions and correct answers, and see the winners list among other features

For us this was a classic iPad app development that very little turnaround time and no room for mistakes. Not delivering on time was not an option because the event date was fixed. Of course it was very demanding and challenging, and we had to pull out all stops to make it happen. For example there was no time for an Apple review so we had to tie the build to the iPad minis. Then again most of the devices were having an older version of iOS so we went ahead and upgraded each one of those units.

But we’re pleased with the end result, and so is our client. We were able to deliver on time, there were no glitches at all on the days of the event and everything was smooth sailing.  We were expecting tech support calls but very few came! That, I can tell you, is the ultimate satisfaction :)

Our client Scientechnic had a busy time and the MEE event was very successful for them with many hundreds of quiz participants. Scientechnic held multiple draws and awarded many iPad minis to the winners.

Below are some screenshots of the app


As experts in mobile application development here in Dubai, this high standard of delivering as committed is expected of us, and we are of course very grateful to our client who laid down a crystal clear picture of their needs so that there was no ambiguity in the requirement, which was critical to the project’s success as we had very little time to prepare.

Overall it was a fun project, all of us had a great time, and were successful in delivering our products. We look forward to many more such programming achievements to underline our commitment towards developing awesome apps for our amazing clients and delivering on time.

Get more for your business

We all want to maximize our results by being different, to stand out from the crowd and deliver outstanding performance. Apps can help you do that. You can create apps to make a difference. For example, DHL was recently voted by its staff to be the best place to work in the UAE. One specific reason was that they had an app to make hr communication easier and smoother. This is just one instance of how useful an app can be. You can create apps to improve sales, marketing, branding, advertising, staff, communication, customer service and much more!

If you have any requirement for an iPhone or Android app then feel free to drop us a line here and we would gladly give you a free quote or meet up to drum up ideas.

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