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Ever wanted to automate your day to day office work to improve productivity and efficiency? We all do the same tasks over and over again, some of us keep making mistakes; this is natural because we are humans and errors can creep in due to various factors like fatigue, lack of sufficient time and stress. Intranets help bridge this gap and automate your everyday tasks to provide increased efficiency.

Why custom intranets?

With many out of the box intranets in the market place, why custom build your own intranet? Some of the reasons are stated below.

  • While we do appreciate the wide variety of choices available today, none of them will fit your exact needs. A fit all approach won’t fit you or anyone else perfectly
  • Custom intranets work according to how you want it to, while boxed software requires you to run and adjust according to them
  • Even if out of the shelf intranets fits your needs 75% of the time, there will come a time when you will require a custom feature and it will be difficult to have that in boxed intranets, even if you are willing to pay extra
  • New requirements – Let us not under estimate your new changing requirements which will be continuous because our environment and business will keep evolving. What is in today may be obsolete tomorrow. Your intranet must adapt to your every changing needs, only your custom intranet will be able to do that

There is no doubt that building your own intranet results in a higher cost and time compared to boxed software. But it will be precise and exact to your needs.

As custom intranet developers, let us assure you that all your requirements and needs will be taken care of. We will be designing the intranet similar to a proper Information System and will be giving you the exact functional results after proper requirement study,  investigation and analysis. We mostly develop using open source so it is easy for you to migrate and make changes yourself.

Our intranet solutions all have the below features

  • Speed – Fast access is critical to business. We have seen software taking more than 10 seconds just to load up a page which is not acceptable. Our intranets are swift so you can access your data with minimum wait time
  • Accuracy – Our reports and information are precise and accurate
  • Security – The intranet is secured with a username and password. There can be multiple users using the intranet, each protected with their credentials
  • Open source – We mostly develop using open source technologies like PHP, MySql and Apache. There are many advantages like portability and reduced project cost

Some ways your intranet can help your business

While there will be so many ways you want your intranet to work, the system and application will depend on your business and exact needs. Intranets can be very small or extremely large. However here we list a few ways to give you ideas and inspiration.

  • Record business transactions, offers and last prices to customers – if you spend a lot of time tailor making quotations and offers to clients regularly then your intranet can save you a lot of time
  • Sales targets, commissions, sales details for improving sales
  • Collection targets, outstanding, collection list to improve payment inflows
  • Reports – Reports for various divisions like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Management – Your staff can have access to their reports to help them improve productivity
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