Fit4Skool app-fitness for school students

We have been busy working on the exciting Fit4Skool app over the last few months and we are so happy they are done and available for download!

The iOS and Android apps compliment the website in delivering content to your fingertips. Students and teachers can log into the app and access all the content. You can view videos and content of all 3 zones – Action, Healthy Eating and Challenge.

Fit4Skool wanted to make their content available to users in a wide range of devices to provide utmost convenience. Content is updated every 2 weeks and users can get the latest content in their apps. Now users can view the fitness, healthy eating and assessment videos from home, school or any other location where the internet is available. With the two apps, now users of iPhone, iPad and all Android phones and tablets can view videos comfortably.

We pride ourselves in creating a simple slick interface for the app, something which is attractive yet intuitive enough for small kids to understand and use with ease. The screens are bright and colourful, options are readily accessible and basic and commonly used features are baked into the app. Users can also update their basic profile and view their Challenge Zone scores in their apps.

This is just version 1 and we have exciting breakthrough features lined up in the next version.

Download fitness apps

Fit4Skool Android app
Fit4Skool iOS app


Brief on Fit4Skool

Fit4Skool is an organization created by teachers for students. Experienced PE teachers noticed the dropping fitness levels in kids and sought out ways to improve their physical health whether they are at school or at home. Content is delivered online through detailed videos. The site has 3 zones namely Action Zone, Healthy Eating Zone and Challenge Zone. Action zone has videos related to activity, it is further divided into sub categories. Healthy Eating Zone has videos and content encouraging children to eat healthy. Finally the Challenge Zone are assessment activities to gauge the fitness level of kids.

There are a lot of other interesting features in the site like Fit4Skool Points which are awarded to students for various tasks and activities. At the end of the school year participants receive a Fit4Skool Certificate with details of their involvement and achievements.

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